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3 In 1 Instructions

  • 3 in 1 Trimmer: 
  • The heads can be changed easily by twisting the head. Just like in picture below. 



Includes a USB cable. Battery will last 2 hours after fully charged. It takes 2 hours to charge. 


 Easy to Use & Clean: 3 in 1 Trimmer is easy to use. 

Gently use scoop motion on feet. Do not dig. Make sure the paws are clean and dry. 

If clipper came with guard, please use them. Guards and oil are not included. If you get them is because the supplier went the extra miles for us. 

Please be careful when doing ears, please watch our videos in the group before attempting.  

DUE TO COVID -19 some models have the ON and OFF button on the side.


It is better to cut a small amount regularly than a large amount at once. If there is too much time between toenail clippings, the quick grows farther down into the nail. Then, when the toenail is clipped, the quick is easily nicked and begins to bleed like crazy. By clipping toenails frequently, the quick is kept back and the danger of bleeding is less likely to happen.  

Always have tools within arm reach! 

I recommend to clip nails ONCE PER WEEK AND DREMEL THEM 2- 3 TIMES PER WEEK 

My Nail schedule is:

Monday: Go for a 30 - 45 minutes walk. Clip Nails and Dremel 

Wednesday: Dremel Nails 

Friday: Dremel Nails 

When dremeling nails I use a tap tap tap motion.  Remember, any Dremel generates heat. Be sure you are removing the Dremel often so it does not sand the nail down too quickly. 

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