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Congratulations! You got your sling! Now what?

Golden Rule #1: DO NOT RUSH IT! 

Slowly, let your pup get familiar with The Sling or any other new tool that you will be using, especially if your pup is shy. More outgoing pups will not mind new tools or being lifted. 
Max on the couch, please notice The Sling and The 3 in 1 trimmer.  
Max in his bed checking out The 3 in 1 Trimmer
Max in his favorite bed, notice The sling and The 3 in 1 Trimmer. Max is not bothered by them.

Hope the above pictures give you an idea on how to properly introduce not only The sling but also new tools. 

Next: How To put it ON  

Make sure the number and collar are in the front. The best way to get your pup in is by placing The Sling on a flat surface. Put the 2 front paws in The Sling first. 


Next put the back two paws in The Sling. Secure your pup by lifting the sides and connecting the velcro.


Max is now ready to be lifted!

Note: He is using an L3 Sling, he weights 8.8 pounds. I do not lift any dog on XL4. 8.8 pounds is my limit. 

How to and where to hang The Sling

Please use common sense when using The Sling. Make sure that the arm/bar can withhold their weight.  

The Sling  comes with 2 handles and a extra strap, the handles are not detachable but the extra strap is. On the above picture I am using only handles. 

Here you you can see how I use the extra strap to keep max in place. Some pups don't need to be lifted. If you have a very active pup, this is a great way to keep them in place. 

Max Lifted. I am using a carabiner.  

Max Lifted using an S hook (See pictures below) 

 Always reward your pup with high value treats! Not your every day treat! 
We love  because they are organic but delicious and most important SMALL and easy to break... yes, I break their treats lol but they don't know. 
DO NOT: Allow dog to rest their paw on your wrist. 


Very gently push the pup on Sling for a few seconds and then stop it. This will make the pup move less. 

If pup is still not cooperating, REMOVE pup from its "comfort zone". On the picture below, you can see Max in my backyard, I took this picture of him just when he was sniffing the air, he was so distracted with the sounds and smell all around him, that he completely forgot that I was doing his nails. 

Please, make sure you are using a low noise low vibration nail grinder or a very sharp nail clipper. I do not recommend the guillotine type.

Last but not least! Keep sessions SHORT!  No one is coming to take your tools away. You know your pup better than anyone else. Please take your time. 

These are my tips and tricks for you. They have worked for me and many parents but, due to your pup UNIQUE personality, I CAN'T guarantee 100% success.  

Check this quick video of me using The Sling, Nail clipper and my 3 in 1.

I hope this is of help to you and  Thank you for your support.
Darling Elliott 🐾


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